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What do you do with all your positive feedback? Use testimonial videos to highlight happy people that want to share their experience of your business or organization. Maybe you’re a nonprofit who has moving testimonials from beneficiaries and donors who have been impacted by your work. Or you could be a company with an amazing culture that can use employee testimonials to recruit more awesome people. With testimonial videos, your audience will not only hear the ways you’ve impacted your customers or clients, but they’ll be able to feel the emotion that motivates the testimony.

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Testimonial video

What does social proof look like in video production? In most cases, it looks like a testimonial video. When a potential customer isn’t familiar with your product or service, they look to examples of social proof like reviews or testimonial videos. What better way to show you’re a brand someone can trust with a product/service that works than by showing a moving account by a customer who you have helped?

Testimonial videos are a great way to drive conversion. Because of the psychological principle of social proof, people who see a moving testimonial video that shows a customer overcoming a problem or pain point because of you will feel that they can overcome that challenge as well. It’s a powerful decision-making tool.

At Five Seven Film, we love testimonial videos because of the authenticity and emotion that is captured on-camera. People who have been impacted by a business or organization are excited to share their experiences with others. Testimonial videos can go a long way in promoting your brand.

Partner with Five Seven Film in your next testimonial video production and let us help create an emotional appeal that resonates deeply with your audience. We have the experience in interpersonal communication and storytelling to help you raise up brand advocates in your customer base, tell good stories, and reach a wider audience.

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“Five Seven directed my band’s music video. The crew from Five Seven is professional, friendly, and creative. These people don’t cut corners. Same level of quality and attention to detail as a master carpenter, but instead of building cabinets, they’re building stories. Hire them. You won’t regret it.”

- Chase Neal

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