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Taking the time to produce a music video is an investment that will pay dividends for you as an artist. Creative visuals leave a lasting impression on your audience, and good storytelling in music videos is priceless. Think about some of the most popular music videos in history: Christopher Walken in “Weapon of Choice”, the OK Go on treadmills in “Here It Goes Again”, or how literally everyone knows the “Thriller” dance whether or not they’ve seen the music video. Let Five Seven Film be your partner in music video production, and we will bring your creative vision into reality!

tori kelly | city Dove - tori surprises jamal
rattlesnack | grow on​
rce picasso | down 2 ride

music video production

Five Seven Film knows that a good music video production process includes your vision as an artist combined with our storytelling prowess and high quality production sensibilities. Our background is filmmaking, so we love working with artists and musicians who want to create something meaningful, high concept, and with striking visuals. We’re also very experienced in live music video production and filming concert footage, and love being able to capture you, the artist, in your element with your music, emotion, and performance in full view!

You’re a serious artist, and we want you to be taken seriously (or not, if that’s not your thing)! Music videos communicate to your audience – and potential audience – that you care enough about your art and your brand to invest in them with music video production. In the world of nonstop music streaming, musical artists have more opportunities than ever to get their music on a platform in hopes that they’ll be discovered. The easy availability of these platforms also means that oversaturation is a real threat to you as an artist, and you can get lost in the wall of sound that is the music landscape today. 

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“Five Seven directed my band’s music video. The crew from Five Seven is professional, friendly, and creative. These people don’t cut corners. Same level of quality and attention to detail as a master carpenter, but instead of building cabinets, they’re building stories. Hire them. You won’t regret it.”

- Chase Neal

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