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Five Seven Film is an award winning commercial video production company specializing in commercial filmmaking. We’re a southern husband-and-wife duo based in Gainesville, Florida and have worked all over the United States.

If you’re looking to be a creative tastemaker in your industry, we want to work with you to create something fresh, unique, and totally out-of-the-box. Whether you’re a small business looking to spotlight your brand or an artist wanting to showcase your newest release, we’re ready to collaborate with you! 

This is us circa 2014 in the very beginning of our filmmaking partnership. Now we’re Five Seven Film, the southern husband and wife duo. Our work speaks for itself. We can’t wait to collaborate with you on your next commercial film project.

our story

John and Caitlin


We’ve said a lot about what we do on the various pages of this site and you might be wondering, “Who are these people?”

Well, we don’t really like talking about ourselves but, because we insisted on having a website and we’d like to potentially work with whomever you are reading this, we’ll give a brief introduction. 

John & Caitlin Heath met studying telecommunications and video production at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. We bonded over chronic film addictions and after discovering we liked working together in class, we discovered we liked each other quite a bit as well (We’re married now and have a beautiful kid). 

Together, we’ve always strived to bring a cinematic touch to our work – beautiful cinematography, purposeful storytelling, emotional engagement. It’s what we care about and part of who we are. If we can share that with you to your benefit, we think that’d be just swell. 

John has been playing around with video cameras and video editing ever since his days in short pants. Probably over 20 years now that he thinks about it. It started as a way to goof around with friends and create short videos to share with family. Sometime in college, after giving up on English Literature and the BFA acting program, he got tired of giving things up and decided to make it a career. 

Caitlin has always loved storytelling. It started with reading and writing (she thought her dream job was to become an author). She watched some films that really impacted her, and the rest is history. She was able to gain experience early on through high school video production classes and on-the-job training as a film production intern. Caitlin’s favorite part about her work is meeting people from every walk of life through all the different kinds of projects Five Seven Film produces.

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