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What is the purpose and intent of a brand video? If you have a business, you have a brand. It’s essential for you to connect with your customers (and prospective customers) on a more personal level through brand storytelling. A brand video showcases your culture, values, personality, and vision to your audience and invites them to invest more deeply into your brand and subsequently the services and products you offer.

Video in brand storytelling is an extremely powerful tool to have in your marketing and advertising arsenal. Institutions, nonprofits, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals all benefit from brand videos. Video production increases brand awareness by 70%. Video production drives 51% more traffic than without. And when using brand video in your advertising efforts, your sales can increase by 34%.

But it’s not just about the hard data, although that helps a lot! Brand videos focus on telling powerful stories of the people and principles behind your business. Brand storytelling needs to resonate deeply with your target audience and connect with them on an emotional and value-based level.

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An effective brand video can take many forms and look like many things. But the way a brand video looks is less important than the story it tells and how effective it is at drawing your audience deeper into understanding your brand. If someone knows your brand and what you’re about, they feel connected to you in a more personal way. It’s not just consumer preference – it’s brand loyalty.

When choosing a video production company to help you craft your brand video, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to find a talented storyteller. A production agency that’s good with a camera doesn’t necessarily have the skills to be able to discover what makes your brand unique and valuable to your audience. We’ve all seen a brand video that’s just fine. It checks all the boxes on paper. But does it draw you in? Does it motivate you to act? Does it light a spark in you that doesn’t go out? Five Seven Film has an extensive background in filmmaking. First and foremost, we are storytellers. We strive to a level of brand storytelling that will motivate your audience to engage with your brand on a deeper level.

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When you work with Five Seven Film, you’re working with a video production company that wants to get to the heart of who you are. We’re not trying to brag, but we ask good questions and we’re really good listeners (okay, maybe we’re just bragging a little). Once we’ve dug deep into the soul of your brand with client discovery, we get to work in producing a high-quality brand video that speaks to your audience in a way they’ll be excited to engage with.

We believe that a brand video is more than just a video you throw up on your website. It’s a carefully crafted and intentionally told story that captures the essence of your brand, captivates your audience, takes them on an emotional journey, and motivates them to take action.

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